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Whether at the City Council table or in conversations with constituents, my decisions have always been based on my commitment to good governance, honesty and a persistent search for common ground.


The picture above is of our current city council, just after we were inaugurated on January 1,  2020. A year and a half later, we have lived through the horror of a pandemic that challenged the fundamental health and prosperity of our city.  As summer begins we have just started seeing some signs of recovery and hope, but navigating the road ahead is going to be infinitely challenging. 

I cannot think of a moment when experience has been more critical for our city leadership, as well as a commitment to making decisions in the best interest of the Saratoga Springs. I am the only Mayoral candidate who is not being run by a political party - I believe our city council members should not be constrained in their actions by a national political ideology , especially in this time of crisis. Below I have articulate some issues of importance as they pertain to the Mayor's department as well as the city council, understanding our form of government is critical to the success of the council. 

More importantly, I am hear to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, as your elected public servant and as a candidate - don't hesitate to reach out. 



• Support our local economy and small businesses

• Invest in smart city initiatives & workforce development & housing

• Expand the Recreation Department, an essential component of our community, to provide increased recreation programming for families and children throughout all areas of the city 

• Preservation of our 'city in the country' and completion of the Unified Development Ordinance 

• Create modern, consistent and accessible channels of communication to and from City Hall

• Work within the existing city charter to identify and reduce inefficiencies in city services & functions

• Being accessible and responsive to concerns from residents as your dedicated public servant.


• Continued support for the city's essential services, public safety and public works.

• Ensure every resident has access to timely emergency services through the successful completion of fire station #3 and ongoing support for our police and fire departments. 

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