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How to fix a broken system…?

This campaign season has been unique in that the national political rhetoric has become so loud and the threats to our democracy so real, that even on this hyper local level, asking a candidate about their thoughts on national politics is not only expected, but should be asked of those seeking office.

To that end, I was thrilled to be chosen as Unite NY’s policy coordinator this year and the experience of this local campaign has reaffirmed my commitment to their mission, now more than ever. Unite NY believes like I do, that if we are to ever expect to fix an utterly broken system, we need to seek common sense solutions, work across party lines, and support leaders that look to solve problems rather than settle scores. It's a philosophy and approach that I live every single day and will bring to the Mayor's department and leadership of the city.

Unite NY was established in 2021 as a new home for New Yorkers of all political persuasions — Republicans, Democrats, and independents — who have grown tired of the constant fighting and animosity of politics and instead seek a path of level-headed reform and growth. Whether talking about job creation, open government, or political reform, neither Party should own credit or blame, but rather Unite NY will seek to bring all New Yorkers together to build a better tomorrow.

That’s because Unite NY believes in People over Party, an approach I have taken in politics since day #1.

To find out more about Unite NY or get involved with our efforts, click here>>

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