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DEBATE: What are the candidates positions on vaccine mandates?


Question: The moderator all three candidates what their position is on vaccine mandates >>

October 21 • Saratoga Springs City Center CANDIDATES: Robin Dalton (independent/saratoga stronger together), Ron Kim (D) & Heidi West (R) MODERATORS: Chad Beatty & Thomas Dimopoulos

The debate above was the only opportunity candidates had to engage or challenge their opponents this campaign season (the mayoral debate starts at 01:11:00 in) - instead we've had a lot of carefully worded speeches and questionnaires published, which really doesn't allow the public the opportunity to if the candidates are actually qualified, knowledge and prepared to handle the position they are running for.

That's why I URGE everyone to watch the entire debate if you can and get to know the candidates before you vote - regardless of who you support, an informed vote is always the best vote!

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