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A perplexed local voter asks...

To date, I am the **only** mayoral candidate who has accepted all invitations to participate in candidate forums, debates, town halls and questionnaires this election season. Neither major party candidate, Ron Kim (D) or Heidi West (REP, CON) can say the same.

If you are running to be on the Saratoga Springs City Council you have to be ready to answer the hard questions and be put on record, regardless of who is asking the question.

Citizens of Saratoga Springs deserve a fair and honest debate between those who seek to serve them, not just candidates operating in their own echo chambers. It should not matter if a group skews in towards one ideology or another in its membership, as a public servant you represent everyone and have the same obligation to all constituents.

Locally, I hope we can get back a place where we share a common goal across all political spectrums, and that is the importance of an informed voter. Saratoga Springs party politics should not operate at the expense of the voting public, we can and must do better.

Below, please see a request seeking community questions for an upcoming candidate event for the mayoral race, hosted by the League of Women Voters. Unfortunately, only myself and the democratic candidate have confirmed participation, the Republican and Conservative candidate Heidi West has declined to participate, along with about half of the other GOP candidates running for City Council.

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