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It's been an incredibly busy few weeks but let's start with the headliner…in June of 2019 I kicked off my candidacy for Public Safety Commissioner making a promise that I would do everything in my power to bring life saving emergency services to ALL Saratogians with the construction of a 3rd Fire Station, something you've heard politicians say for decades now. Well at long last, after decades of effort and work by so many people, finally our 3rd Station is becoming a reality.

A HUGE thank you to the incredible work of our Public Safety Department, Deputy Eileen Finneran, Fire Chiefs Joe Dolan and Aaron Dyer who have been working diligently in partnership with the Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan and her team to get this project shovel ready. This last week, with unwavering support from the Mayor and entire city council, the 3rd Fire Station is full steam ahead.

See below for a first look at our 3rd Fire & Medical Services Station on Henning Road and the very exciting update on the project's status:

20210469_Fire Station 3 - 16 Henning Rd - REVISED ADVISORY OPINION
Download PDF • 108KB

Especially after this past 18 months, the importance of having ambulances and life saving medical services available to all Saratogians, could not be more clear. We are tremendously lucky to already have such a spectacular Fire Department and this is truly an exciting new chapter for our entire community, protecting the health of our families, friends and fellow Saratogians for generations to come.

…the Unified Development Ordinance, otherwise known as the UDO, appears to be advancing towards a vote this fall- here's what you need to know:

What's a UDO?

A Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a tool which combines traditional zoning and subdivision regulations, along with other development standards for items such as design guidelines, storm water management, signs and street standards into one, easy-to-read reference document. It is intended to eliminate redundant or conflicting code provisions, help to streamline the review and approval process and clarify the steps and requirements with clear illustrations and language.

Click here to read the current version of the UDO, in its entirety >>

How could it affect you and your neighborhood?

In a number of ways, depending where you live in the city, check out the full document by clicking here >>

• How can I make my voice heard or ask questions?

Attend WORKSHOPS in the City Council room on the following days to articulate questions or concerns or submit a public comment by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 3 at 5PM

Tuesday, August 10 at 6PM

Tuesday, August 17 at 5PM

Tuesday, August 24 at 3PM

How do I submit public comment and in what timeframe?

Click here to fill out the public comment form, and the general timeline for the project above.

Saratoga Springs COVID-19 Memorial Project

At this week's city council meeting, Commissioner Dalton proposed the idea of creating a COVID-19 Memorial to be placed in Saratoga Springs. The memorial would serve as s tribute to the 61 Saratogians lost in the pandemic, as well as a symbol of the sacrifice and heroic efforts of our frontline workers, essential workers and community members who fought so hard to protect the health of our community over these last 472 days.

In response to the city council's positive feedback and support for the idea, Commissioner Dalton will be putting together a committee, asking one council member for an appointee, for the creation and placement of the memorial.

For concerns, questions or feedback on this proposed memorial, please email

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